Managed IT Services

Our Brisbane Managed IT Services are flexible and cost-effective, whether you need monthly managed IT support or one-off project assistance.

Brisbane Managed IT Services

Need on-call IT support for a set monthly fee? No problems! Our monthly Service Level Agreements give our clients peace of mind that they have a dedicated IT professional available to answer any IT issues they may have.

We take a proactive approach where we strive to recognise and raise issues with the business and then propose and implement solutions BEFORE they become disruptive problems for the business. Our aim is to take care of your technology so that you can maintain the day to day focus on your core business. From server management services, network services, increasing cyber security to reduce cyber threats and data centre security, our Managed IT Services include:
  • Servicing of all Server/Workstation IT hardware
  • Servicing of all operating systems used within the environment
  • Backups & Disaster Recovery Testing: management of all backups and testing of backups to ensure confidence in recoverability.
  • Monitoring & alerting of hardware and security layers.
  • Manage relationships and contact with all 3rd party software/hardware vendors used within the business.
  • Management of licenses/warranties
  • Budget management for IT spend within the business. As our relationship progresses, we capture, track and forecast what IT is expected to cost for the year ahead.
  • IT Strategy: we will gather an understanding of existing business needs, discuss how this might change, monitor technology trends and will evolve the IT environment to provide and deliver.
  • Documentation – we will create, manage and maintain all IT related documentation for the environment including inventories, network maps, IT policy documents, system changes, disaster recovery plan, recovery test records, logins, contacts, IT Budget etc.
  • Changes – we will facilitate and provide for any new requirement/technology/need request made by you whether it is urgent/unplanned or planned.
  • Unlimited support contacts/requests each month – up to 1hr per case. Where contacts/requests exceed 1hr in duration, the remainder of that case will be charged at the project rate.

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